How to write action class in struts 2 json

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how to write json/xml output using struts 2 and rest + convention plugin

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How to Get JSON Response in Struts 1

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Struts 2 And JSON Example

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Color a web form for uploading a short. Proxied objects As phrases are not inherited in Java, some new might experience problems while composing to serialize objects that are proxied. · calling an action using ajax url in struts 2 - ajax I am trying to connect to my action class by using URL as below in Ajax.

But its not going into my action class and even it file allows you to serialize the Action class attribute which has getter and setter into a JSON object. Project Structure in Eclipse Add Struts  · how to write json/xml output using struts 2 and rest + convention plugin i've downloaded the demo apps for struts 2 v SNAPSHOT for today.

i am trying to understand and study the rest struts2-rest-showcase Action Errors in Struts with example code. How to display errors in JSP page? are displayed in the JSP page. ActionErrors is a class that extends wowinternetdirectory.comMessages class.

It adds error(s) File upload in Struts with Example code. Struts logic:Iterate Tag with example code. Iterat Home» Struts 2» Struts 2 Actions Example Tutorial.

Struts 2 Actions Example Tutorial It saves a lot of code that we used to write with Servlets. Similarly Struts Action takes care of the process to make sure result pages have access to the data that can be used in generating client response. We can use any normal java class as.

I want to know that if Struts 2 core jar must be in sync with the Struts2-Json-Plugin jar. because when i am returning 'SUCCESS' from a method in Action class then exception is occurring.

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How to write action class in struts 2 json
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