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Essay on Mahatma Gandhi ( to words) Mahatma Gandhi is known as the father of our nation. Gandhiji was born on October 2nd,at Porbandar in Gujarat. Gandhi Jayanti Essay 1 ( words) Gandhi Jayanti is the birth anniversary of the father of the nation (Mahatma Gandhi, also called Bapu).

Gandhi Jayanti is celebrated every year on 2nd of October as a national event all over the India. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi is one of the most influential and iconic leaders in the history of India and mankind. He is also known as the architect of Nonviolence movement which later inspired and influenced the whole world.

ADVERTISEMENTS: Essay on Mahatma Gandhi: for Kids, Children and Students!

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Essay # Short Life-Sketch of Mahatma Gandhi: The full name of Gandhiji is Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. He is also known as the Father of the Nation. He is the apostle of Peace, Truth and Non-violence. He was born on October 2,at Porbandar in [ ].

Short Speech for Kids about Mahatma Gandhi Article shared by Mahatma Gandhi is called the Father of Nation, as acted as the father of each and every Indian and gave abundant love to them, which only a father can give to his child.

Gandhi Jayanti: In India, Gandhi Jayanti is celebrated every-year on the day of his birth-anniversary. It is a national holiday. It is a national holiday. The world celebrates 2nd.

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Essay on Mahatma Gandhi: for Kids, Children and Students